7 easy ways to help your child take medications

Some kids may struggle to take their medications because of taste or fear of swallowing pills. CHOC experts offer tips to help.

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What to do if your baby is given a medical diagnosis during pregnancy

Having your baby receive a medical diagnosis during pregnancy can be scary. A CHOC expert helps families with their next steps for care.

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The importance of developmental screenings

Development screenings are an important resource for ensuring your child’s health and having the ability to intervene early, if needed.

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New treatment for epilepsy helps Bryce get back on the court

Responsive neurostimulation (RNS), a new therapy for epilepsy, helped 11-year-old CHOC patient Bryce become nearly seizure-free.

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How to talk to children about war

Talking to children about big, scary topics like war can be intimidating for even the most seasoned of parents, but these tips from a CHOC pediatric psychologist can provide a roadmap for parents during this important conversation.

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Aurora, 18 months, becomes the first graduate of CHOC’s Cardiac GI Nutrition Clinic

Born with heart disease, Aurora developed a negative association with breastfeeding and formula. Now, she can enjoy eating solid foods.

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